Upper Wisconsin Ave. Condos, Past Sales

There are quite a few condo buildings on or near upper Wisconsin Ave. traveling from the Friendship Heights area of D.C. up through Chevy Chase and Bethesda. I have been ogling this one at 4301 Military Rd., N.W. ever since it went up. I love the architecture, the green lawn and the location, right next to the Friendship Heights Metro and behind… Read More

What You Get: Under $800k in Bethesda

I hear about a lot of hand-wringing over the high median price of homes in Bethesda – somewhere up over $900,000. Remember, this is a median, meaning half of homes are higher in price, half are lower. Don’t get scared away before you’ve started looking. A scared buyer was the inspiration behind my recent blog entitled ”Close to DC for under $500k.” But… Read More

Close to DC for under $500,000

I was reading a “Mom” blog yesterday and came across someone who was depressed because she faced a trade-off between getting a much-needed larger house or lengthening her husband’s already lengthy commute to DC from Gaithersburg.  She was outraged by the “average median house price in Montgomery County of over $900,000.” Okay. I get the problem –… Read More