New On The Market This Fall

Surprise…it’s Fall in New England.  I’m seeing the odd red leaf and smelling wood stoves; it’s got to be autumn. Sellers and their agents are wringing their hands and cursing the stock market crash.  The last time this happened, people pulled out of the market and inflated real estate prices, but I don’t see that… Read More

Reasonable Houses in Salem

Here are three houses under $300,000 in Salem.  I wish I could, like the president, insist that it’s imperative that you act right now — but we’re not buying that anymore.  My prediction: February and March are going to be brutal for sellers, and a lot of them who don’t need to sell will pull… Read More

No Bailout — Holy Cow!

Leave it to the House to have the guts to say what’s on everyone’s mind. Yesterday’s rejection of the proposed bailout of…well…everything but insurance giant AIG (been there, done that) was a complete shock. The Dow dropping another 700 points went right along with it. But what does it mean? First, it’s a giant vote… Read More