What is a Row House?

Southend.org sells these ingenious t-shirts through their website. I couldn’t have done a better job dissecting a row house if I had to. And don’t let any New Yorkers tell you they’re the only ones with a God-given right to use the term brownstone to describe a row house. This Globe article is several years… Read More

Then and Now: Chester Square

When engineers for the City of Boston laid out plans for the newly-created Back Bay and South End, they drew inspiration from Europe: long Parisian boulevards and narrow parks dominate Back Bay, while narrow streets and London-style neighborhood parks dominate South End. In 1852, Ezra Lincoln designed Chester Square, a park to lure the wealthy… Read More

Is it the South End or Roxbury?

It seems nobody agrees on the name of the area roughly outlined by Mass Ave, Melnea Cass Boulevard, and Columbus Avenue. The debate surrounding the name of the area often erupts into name-calling and subtle racism. What is the dividing line between the South End and Roxbury: Lenox Street, Melnea Cass, or Mass Ave? Although… Read More

285 Columbus Lofts Open for Business

285 Columbus Lofts at Columbus and Clarendon, the intersection of form and function (according to their website), began closings last month. Boston Residential Group, of 360 Newbury fame, renovated the 20’s era Earle Building, turning out sixty-three high-end apartments. The small one-bedroom units begin at half a million, and the large, two-bedroom units include a… Read More