Goats do Roam . . . in Seattle Even

Not only does this rather humorous phonetic translation of the famous French wine (Côtes du Rhône-Villages) denote a drinkable South African wine, it also aptly describes downtown Seattle today. Rather than maintaining the brush clogging the hillside between Plymouth Pillars dog park and I-5 mechanically and pumping more pollutants into the air, Seattle is taking… Read More

Progress in the Center of the Universe?

Ever wonder what people think of your fair city? The other night I learned what Philadelphia-native Amos Lee thinks of Seattleites as he crooned about our passion for books, crossword puzzles and recycling. I’m guilty as charged. The recycling bit reminded me of a story about Steven Flynn, a musician trying to rescue a Fremont… Read More

Fido Friendly on Capitol Hill

After 10-plus years in a single family residence, the thrill of home maintenance and yard work has begun to wane. These days, I’m easily enticed by the lure of maintenance-free condos. (O.K., condos aren’t really maintenance-free, but I wouldn’t be the one maintaining it.) I could accept the possible noise, space and privacy issues of… Read More

Stewing over SLU

My wife works in South Lake Union, and we argue about the Streetcar, which will hold its grand opening tomorrow. Me: “It’s another over budget, dead-end piece of public transportation that serves very few people. Couldn’t the money be better used to expand an integrated system?” Her: “But I like the Streetcar.” Today’s Seattle Times… Read More