Go See A Football Game! God!

Unlike many Big Ten matchups, Northwestern just can’t drive people into seats. According to the Trib, officials expect 17,000 vacant seats at the next game. Let me tell you, there are perks to a Northwestern football game. First: free beer. Goose Island does a promo before every game, with FREE 312. Everybody in Chicago likes… Read More

The Benefits of Short-Term Renting

It’s fall and everything is beautiful, except for that telltale heart beating on under your floor, reminding you of the economic apocalypse. Suze Orman’s been on Oprah, suggesting creative ways to bite the bullet and spend less money. Most blogs are doing the same thing: telling you things you should already know by now. If… Read More

Bad Timing for Property Tax Hikes

Yikes–just when I speak so fondly of Evanston, they go and raise property taxes on everyone. The amount varies, depending on particular homeowner exemptions that eat some of the increase, but many people are seeing a nine to 15 percent jump in taxes. While this increase will help pay back debts to the city and… Read More

One Big Reason I Love Evanston

After peeking through the stats and trends for the North Shore, particularly along the waterfront, you might find that homes are mysteriously retaining their value. Evanston has seen a much more volatile market than its suburban neighbors, with several more foreclosures and major price reductions that Winnetka, Wilmette, and Highland Park have not seen yet…. Read More