The $6,000 Chair: Seller Knows Best?

This is the Messier Momma chair and the sellers are asking $6,000 (a piece).  I think I’ve seen something similar at Ikea for significantly less than that, or at the very least I’m certain I could find a pretty good copy at a much more reasonable price.  Now, this chair is really wonderful, I admit, but $6,000… Read More

Slippers – Lowest Priced North Park Homes

North Park has some of the best priced homes in the Hills.  It’s also a great neighborhood and, while it has some marginal pockets, for the most part it is a very nice place to live.  North Park has older homes and some pretty unique condo conversions with a little bit of new development that hasn’t detracted significantly from the character… Read More

Dove Developer Does Dollar Dance

  There is a new row house development in Mission Hills.  Nine units are on the market and the developer has recently dropped his asking price on each of them.  None are cheap by any means but this is an upscale development and if you know this area, you already realize that there are very few deals… Read More

Reversal of Fortune Real Estate Style

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate real estate price increases?  I don’t mean increases in market value.  I’m talking about sellers who arbitrarily, randomly or purposefully raise their asking prices while their homes are actively listed. There could be several reasons why a seller would do this.  Maybe they didn’t appreciate the true… Read More