Open House- ‘droids

Robotic promotions, automated listings The thing I like best about craigslist is that it is straightforward and not commercialized. Regular folks post ads, regular folks read them. Free to all (or most). Lately, as I peruse the Open House listings, I notice some exotic ads with fancy graphics and text. There are services now that… Read More

Monday Madness- Buyer Tips on Video

Know what you want; negotiate; get a rebate… Let’s have fun with videos today. If you have the Flash Player installed, and if my blogging software works correctly you will enjoy a respite from pouring over the fine print of listings and mortgage documents. Monday Madness will help get your week off to a good… Read More

Open House 4-19 & 4-20

Every one a winner: Well, well; we’re stretching our boundaries into Pine Valley and Ramona today to see some interesting open houses. Everything I’ve listed today is excellent- nice homes, nice views, nice communities. Each house has interesting features: The first two and the last are listed well above their recent sales prices (not all… Read More