Loudoun Links, 10/13

Downtown Leesburg could be a contender as the site for GMU’s Loudoun campus. 93% of Loudoun County’s high schoolers graduated on time. We’re second in the state only to Falls Church City, which has just 1906 students in a total of 4 schools. [LoudounExtra.com via Our Loudoun Schools] Loudoun has its own wiki! [LoudounPedia]  Want… Read More

Priced to Sell

Without a doubt, the most difficult challenge that home sellers face in a buyer’s market is knowing how to price their homes. In a market such as this, where there may seem to be no rhyme or reason as to which homes are selling, and for how much, proper pricing can be especially tricky. (I’ve… Read More

HGTV “Dream House”

I had completely forgotten about this! When I wrote my “Wine Country Living” post back in May, I discovered that a Loudoun County winery was going to be featured on HGTV’s “Dream House”. The original debut date was supposed to be July 5th, but (renos and TV production being what they are), it turns out… Read More

Loudoun Links

Two Leesburg families were featured in a Today Show segment on the importance of both Virginia and Loudoun County to the upcoming Presidential election. [MSNBC.com via Leesburg Tomorrow] Notes from the Loudoun BOS/School Board meeting about land acquisition. [Beyond the Blackboard] More about the Broadlands Hospital controversy. [LoudounExtra.com] Virginia homebuyers now have the option to purchase… Read More

Loudoun Fixers

Eastern Loudoun may be known (or reviled, depending on how you look at it) for many things – income, traffic, McMansions, traffic, its school system, traffic – but being full of fixer-uppers is not one of them. Sure, there are parts of Loudoun that have older homes in need of a little love, but most… Read More

Virginia Voting PSA

If you don’t know by now how important the upcoming Presidential election is, I can only assume you’ve been living under a rock. By all accounts, the race is incredibly tight, which means every vote carries that much more significance.   The blogger at Leesburg Tomorrow has posted several entries devoted to voter registration resources…. Read More

Loudoun Links

Image: Some overgrown Loudoun lawns will soon be receiving much-needed trims via a county program. The BOS is considering attaching the costs to the homeowners’ tax bills. (Photo courtesy of WashingtonPost.com.) Almost 50% of home sale closings in Loudoun have been on foreclosures or short sales – which certainly explains the decrease in Loudoun’s inventory…. Read More