Bay Area: Get Smart

With the holidays over, free workshops and seminars for the real estate neophyte are back in full swing. Especially in this time of uncertainty on the market, seems you’d want to be as smart as possible about selling or buying… and what’s smarter than taking advantage of free expert advice? Note this week the seminars… Read More

Got Daycare?

Back in the day when I lived in Redfin’s birthplace, I saw a lot of residences that advertised child care.  When some of my co-workers began talking about opening their own in-home day care centers I wondered how extensive (and profitable) the phenomenon was. But since I don’t have kids I didn’t wonder for long and moved on to… Read More

All in Favor Say Aye

Democrats in the California State legislature are hoping the Governator will agree to a special session dedicated to the foreclosure crisis. The bill they are proposing sounds similar to the recently passed anti-predatory lending bill at the federal level. For example, it proposes that homeowners be able to refinance without prepayment penalties and advocates for additional counseling for consumers as well as… Read More