And You Thought Politics was Boring

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned political battle, is there? Boston area politics rival Chicago’s for corruption, gossip, and convolution, and the excitement isn’t limited merely to Suffolk County. Take the dust-up over the state rep seat for the 34th Middlesex District, which includes parts of Somerville and Medford. Incumbent Carl Sciortino had the backing… Read More

The Train! The Train!

My son was just two when we moved to our house that abuts the commuter rail. I was initially a little concerned about living so close to the tracks. My back fence butts right up to Commuter Rail territory. But the trains are very low frequency, they don’t go by a lot and when they… Read More

Been there: Saw That

I’ve lived in Somerville ten years now, and many of my friends have passed through here during that time. Some have left for the bucolic pastures of Arlington, Littleton and and Lexington (basically places that end in “ton”). A lot of them are still here. But I was still surprised to look at the listings… Read More