Details, Details

Hey all, So, my original plan was to write a big long post going over every last nook ‘n cranny of our reader poll results in painstaking detail. But then I remembered that I basically have the attention span of a fruit fly. So instead, I’m just going to post Pretty Bar Graphs of the… Read More

Small Space, Smart Space

Trying to sell your small space? Or have you just invested in petite digs and are overwhelmed (or is that underwhelmed?) by the proximity of one wall to another? Never fear: House Beautiful is here. A slough of decorators share their mini-manse “decorating no-nos” with those (me included) who are sometimes stumped by their lack… Read More

$230/square foot buys me what?

You’ve got a few good picks this weekend in the Central District/west Madrona area, all for less than $230/square foot. If you want to visit, more’s the better; this quartet of sweet digs are open for a little look-see this weekend. 410 14th Ave. OPEN: Sun., 1 to 4 p.m. Price: $438,500 Specs: 3 bd/2… Read More

Price Drops in Madrona

Are prices plummeting everywhere? Or are we looking at a handful of Seattle digs that aren’t selling for 97.8% of the asking price? 1703 Madrona Dr. *NEW* Price: $1,115,000 {Down from $1,165,000} Specs: 3 bd/1.75 bath Size: 2,800 square feet Charm alert. Here’s a 1905 Craftsman (a Seattle classic) with the works: private backyard, guest… Read More

Pooches for Small Spaces

So you’ve found the ultimate city condo. You can walk to your job, to the grocery store; you’ve got a killer view of the Olympics; your neighbors are friendly, your building beautiful (and pet friendly). To complete your settled-in self, you’re bent on getting a canine companion. Reality check: you live in a condo. You… Read More

More, More Metro in the CD

This weekend not only ushers in autumn — it also means a new flight of Metro transit schedules, which include beefed up service in the Central District. And with gas prices still hovering at heights around $3.50/gallon, the bus ain’t such a bad way to roll. According to the Central District News, riders of routes… Read More