More Historic Seattle Real Estate: Great Ladies

Inspired by Rick’s recent Historic Seattle Real Estate post on Capitol Hill’s slough of Anhalt condos, I did a little property time-warping, too. And guess what I found: A handful of Great Ladies (that is, Victorian-era homes) scattered throughout the Central District. While most of these homes have been reinterpreted interior-wise over the last 108… Read More

Got Daycare?

Back in the day when I lived in Redfin’s birthplace, I saw a lot of residences that advertised child care.  When some of my co-workers began talking about opening their own in-home day care centers I wondered how extensive (and profitable) the phenomenon was. But since I don’t have kids I didn’t wonder for long and moved on to… Read More

How Billionaires Buy Homes

You might have guessed that the super-rich approach home buying a little differently than the rest of us. Forbes gives us a little insight behind the big deals on high-profile trophy properties in their latest piece on “Homes of the Billionaires”. Here are some billionaire strategies mentioned in the article that the rest of us… Read More

Xtreme Tudor

If you’ve ever built or remodeled a house, you know how frustrating it is to have to compromise on your original vision because of budget constraints. Even if I was personally unable to spend **infinity** money on the remodel of my Tudor Revival home, I vicariously enjoyed watching the building of this authentic Tudor on… Read More