An Urban Eye

Keeping an ear to the ground and an eye on the city…

Specifically, my aim is to introduce my readers to up and coming neighborhoods that you’ve never heard of in DC (or were too scared to visit before) and why these forgotten corridors may be home to the best deals you never hear about. Neighborhoods like Riggs Park, Michigan Park, cousins to the college neighborhood of Brookland, home to Trinity and Catholic Universities are part of my exploration, along with cloisters like Lamond Riggs and the single family affordable brick homes in Woodridge that NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT!

Sure, I’ll take you to the mainstays too, like the best Capitol Hill haunts and disclose what the typical studio condo and part-time housing for a congressman will cost you nowadays. U Street is cool, yeah yeah whatever, its so cool nobody can afford it anymore but I’ll take you through the snazzy artist lofts and boutique condos springing up there too.

Of course, Georgetown will be part of that list too but I also plan to take readers across town to one of the most upcoming neighborhoods in the city, Historic Anacostia, and you’ll wonder why you ever even considered living in a rowhouse.

So sit back and enjoy the read and consider this your unofficial guide to Washington DC.

  • NoVA resident

    2+ BRs, 1.5+ BAs, 1200+ sq. ft., within 15 safe blocks to the metro, low or reasonable condo or HOA fees, and under $500K. Is that too much to ask for in the district?

  • Thomas

    Wait about 18 to 24 months and I don’t think you will have to many problems.


  • NoVA Resident

    What happened to Tavia? It looks like she’s disappeared.

  • Craig

    i agree with Thomas.
    And yes, it looks like Tavia has disappeared — which is unfortunate.

  • Ebonee