Urban Silver Spring: Condos

Looking for that urban feel but can’t afford DC? Revitalized downtown Silver Spring is worth getting to know.

Silver Spring borders DC but it is not just suburban sprawl. It is a diverse, active and increasingly “artsy” city with everything from historic leafy neighborhoods to fashionable new condos in a walkable downtown. OK – parts of Silver Spring resemble older urban sprawl. Downtown, though, it is not hard to find a place that is close to a Metro stop on the red line. And what other town can boast a building with a shark’s head sticking out of it? (Otherwise known as the headquarters of Discovery Communications.)

Silver Spring Downtown in Winter

Median prices for detached houses and condos are significantly – SIGNIFICANTLY – lower in Silver Spring compared to Bethesda or Chevy Chase, my other coverage areas. There are currently about 70 condo properties listed for sale right now in Silver Spring. The average list price is just over $270,000, with an average of 998 square feet.

Several of the condos listed now are high-end and reflect the downtown’s redevelopment efforts. Below are a few I found that include luxury finishes and special amenities, and are walking distance to the Metro:

- 3 separate 1-bedroom units at 1201 East West Hwy ranging from $295,000 to $310,000.

- 4 units at 8045 Newell St, ranging from $295,000 – $395,000.

- 3 2-bedroom units at 7923 Eastern Ave, going for between $355,000 and $365,000

If you want to know more about real life and news in Silver Spring, be sure to check out the official Web site as well as these great blogs:





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  • NoVA resident

    Allison – could you discuss the condo fees for the places you mention? My general rule of thumb is that every $100 in condo fees represents an equivalent additional $20,000 in purchase price.

  • http://washingtondc.redfin.com/blog/author/allison.scuriatti allison.scuriatti

    Of course! You are right. Thanks for the question/comment – I am sorry I did not respond immediately. Would you like me to look back at the list or should I just do this in future? As you wish …!

  • NoVA resident

    Thanks, Allison. Since I’m not actively shopping in S.S., if you could include it in future blogs, that would be great so I can get a sense of the fees for future reference.