More Reasons Why Redfin Rocks

It’s here! You may not have known it was coming, but you will surely be happy that it has arrived. The newly released Redfin website gives you even more reasons to love Redfin than ever before: Easy-to-access neighborhood pricing trends; a revamped, more user-friendly “favorites” feature; and a tours shopping cart. 

I think no one can explain it better than our fearless (and I really do mean that) leader himself, Glenn Kelman. I encourage you to read his latest blog entry, but in the meantime, here’s a little snippet to tide you over: 

“Redfin released a big, beautiful new version of its website last night. For the first time in years, there’s a whole new web page on the site — not just a map and a web page for each property on the map — but a set of graphs, pictures, charts, numbers showing all the pricing trends for each of the 9,000 neighborhoods, postal codes and cities Redfin covers. This is the good stuff, drawn straight from the MLS databases real estate agents use to list properties and the tax rolls that counties use to record sales. 

Now you can see what’s really going on with your neighborhood’s prices, right now: dollars per square foot, numbers of homes for sale, days on market, price reductions. We split out condos and houses because they’re priced so differently. The pricing graphs show listings and past sales separately, so you get a view of what sellers expect and what they really got. We give you a list of all the price-reduced homes, all the open houses, all the recent sales. It’s FASCINATING.” (Bold emphasis mine.) 

What I love about Redfin, and the main reason I am so thrilled to be a part of the company, is that there really is a belief here that empowering real estate consumers is to everyone’s advantage. A knowledgeable, empowered consumer is a better consumer. I love that Redfin offers options for people who want to be more involved in the house-buying or selling process, and for those who want to dispel the market’s mysteries for themselves.  


Number of homes for sale in 20008, per Redfin’s Inventory & Pricing Trends.

My absolute favorite feature is the neighborhood pricing trends. As an example, I searched on DC ZIP 20008. Click here to see the results. To get to the trends page from the search page, simply click on View 20008 Inventory & Pricing Trends in the upper left corner of the search page (under the search bar). 

Which new feature is your favorite?

  • Jughead

    I like the feature that allows you to zoom in on any area map and then it displays listings for what’s rendered on the map – very cool! Makes it really easy to locate listings in a smaller geographic area than, say, a whole zip code.