Finding Culture in DC (and Around DC)

I am tired of hearing people say NY is so much better than DC. These two cities are completely different animals.

Maybe they say it because they never leave their living rooms. Or maybe they are still thinking of the DC of twenty years ago. So, today I am ripping off an idea from WAMU’s Kojo Naamdi show to tell you about a new Web site — It is great for anyone who is interested in discovering DC and its surroundings (p.s. I also think Kojo is a great resource for learning about all aspects of this city.)


If you come from anywhere other than NY, then you should know that we are very lucky here. There is SO MUCH going on but it is often under the radar and not in your face. We have local, national and international offerings, and plenty of these things are for free. Cultural outings are fun, but they also a great way to discover new places and new faces, right in your home town. You may be suprised at what you find.

The new site is sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington. This is how they describe it: 

“Introduced in June 2008, connects people to the heart of the thriving arts and culture community in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. This virtual arts marketplace provides comprehensive information and reliable ticket-purchase options for shows, performances, classes and exhibitions offered by more than 300 regional arts organizations and cultural institutions, making it the region’s richest and most diverse collection of arts and culture activities. strives to be inclusive and includes big names and small groups alike, giving users access to all the hot hits and hidden jewels the D.C. region has to offer.”

So, check it out and try something new. Drive through a few unfamiliar neighborhoods on your way. If you’re reading Sweet Digs, then I know you’ll probably get a kick out of that like I do. 


Photo: Takomabibelot