Data Hungry First-Time Buyers in DC

This past weekend, the Washington Post featured Redfin first-time home buyers Kevin and Laura Wolfe in an article on a new breed of buyers who scour data-laden sites like Redfin to do their own research on the market. DC Redfin agent Fernando Ferrufino was quoted in the article explaining that he’s seeing more and more savvy buyers “who want to pull as much data as possible to justify what they want to pay for a home.”

True to our quest to provide the most data possible for your home search, Redfin just launched a version of our site that takes advantage of the new liberal data sharing policies made available by the recent settlement between the Department of Justice and the National Association of Realtors. We also added a mortgage calculator and interactive sale-to-list graphs on all our neighborhood pages. Check out the Washington, DC graph below:


For more details on all of our new features, check out Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman’s post .

  • Somatamos

    Would it be possible for Redfin to break down locations by zip+4? I have a clumsy hack for doing this on my spreadsheets after I download, but having it on the site would make it much easier to specify locations and compare properties.

    The article was good, but could have gone much further in both suggesting ways of getting and working with data, and in identifying the real estate agent monopoly as the source of the shortage of data, and therefore one of the causes of the mispricing bubble.

    I look forward to the day when real estate agents play approximately the same role in real estate as travel agents do in travel – a nice niche service for those who can afford it.