How to Find Tax Assesment Values in Northern Virginia & DC

We try to display the property tax information for every property in our database. We have homes for sale in so many different municipalities and counties that it is not practical to pull tax records from each assessor’s office. Instead, we use a third-party data aggregator that collects all the information, bundles it and send it to us.

Here’s where to find the property tax information on a home’s listing details page:


We try to show the most recent property tax values, but sometimes there’s a lag between when an assessor’s office releases its numbers and when our data provider sends them to us. For example, in parts of Northern Virginia our agents serve and the District, we’re showing the 2008 tax values, even though the 2009 tax values are on the assesors’ websites.

Why is this important? First of all, we are obsessed with data-quality and want to make sure our site has the freshest and best numbers. Second, home-buyers trying to figure out if they can afford particular home need to know how much they’ll be paying in property taxes every year. The good news is that for most homes in Metro DC region, the 2008 tax values are higher than those for 2009.

We’ve spoken with our data provider and we will have the 2009 numbers on later this summer. Until then, to find the 2009 tax values for these counties, you can look up tax assesment values on the assessors’ websites:

We’re sorry about this delay and we hope to have the 2009 values on soon.