Two Redfin Agents Are In The Top 10 Of Buyers’ Agents In Metro DC

July was another amazing month for our metro Washington, DC agents. Of the 5,800+ buyers’ agents in the DC area who closed a deal in July, Taylor and Marshall are in the top ten:

Rank Agent # of Deals Total Sales
4 Taylor Connolly 11 $6,241,900
7 Marshall Park 8 $5,875,900
66 Fernando Ferrufino 4 $2,282,000
741 Cynthia Spencer* 2 $822,200
2242 Brent Roberts 1 $530,000
3026 Dianna Nardella 1 $375,000

*We’re in the process of building Cynthia’s profile page.

When you work with Redfin, you’ll be working with some of the best agents in the metro Washington, DC region. Our DC agents know what’s going on in the market right now because they spend all of their time serving clients: touring homes, writing offers and closing deals.

We pulled these numbers from MRIS, the database for real estate transactions and listings for metro Washington, DC region, and ranked agents who represented home-buyers of single-family homes and condominiums in July based first on number of deals, then by total dollar amount.

It’s Been A Busy Summer

June and July were busy months in the DC area; our clients toured 2,254 homes and our agents presented 139 offers on homes for sale. Our DC team really hit it out of the park and thrilled our clients with fantastic service. To keep up with demand we promoted three agents Cynthia Spencer, Brent Roberts and Dianna Nardella.

We want to give a big thanks to Cynthia, Brent and Dianna, they stepped up and were all-stars in July. They did whatever needed to be done to make sure our clients were happy: they led tours, hosted inspections and negotiated and closed their first deals as Redfin agents. Great job!

Our Clients Love Our Service

We survey every client and track every transaction in a central customer database. For the surveys we received in July from our clients in the metro Washington, DC area:

  • 33 clients responded to our customer-satisfaction survey and posted a review online, down from 52 in June.
  • 31 of those clients, or 94%, would recommend Redfin to a friend, down from 96% in June.

In these surveys, Redfin asks customers to rate the likelihood that they would recommend Redfin to a friend on a 0-to-10 scale. Customers who rated 6 or higher count as people who would recommend Redfin to a friend.

For more numbers, download the spreadsheet with the data on what happened in July.