Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  We wanted to share this cute (sorry, but there’s no better word for it) idea from a couple of sellers in Baltimore. They printed a note about their home for sale on a small label and attached it to the Halloween treats they distributed.  We’ll know soon whether this marketing technique was successful!  Thanks to listing agent Lynn Ikle for sharing this great idea!

  • Itzach Stern

    Looks adorable and I believe this will be a good idea to consider if you are about to invest for a real estate and a competent broker is a great tool to consider in finding great opportunity like this one.

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  • Cleveland Critzer

    Wow, that's a nice marketing strategy. I hope that quirky yet funny idea would be successful, and someone would buy the house at the perfect time. Let's try to become Santa Claus or one of the elves this holiday season.  =)